Benefits of Nagaff

Our Benefits

There are many benefits of joining Nagaff Logistics Association, whether as an ordinary member, corporate or associate member.

A membership with Nagaff cements your logistics company’s status as an established, and professional service provider. This alone sets you apart from the rank-and-file freight forwarder/forwarding company or fly by night operators; as our self-regulating membership requirements guarantee that our members are financially stable and are bona fide logistics players in the logistics sector.

We have listed some salient benefits of membership in Nagaff : –

First Hand Industry News

There are many stakeholders involved in logistics and supply chain operation. To name a few, there are: –

  1. Royal Customs Malaysia Department
  2. Port Authorities
  3. Seaports
  4. Port Container Freight Stations (CFS)
  5. Other Government Agencies (MAQIS, CIDB, LKIM, etc…)
  6. Customs declaration software solution providers
  7. Transport Operators

Nagaff acts as a channel to disseminate the latest changes in operating procedures, updated information, Circulars from relevant agencies and other developments that impact the logistics industry. Our secretariat team constantly issues circulars to members to ensure that members are kept abreast of all that is important to them.

All our member circulars are properly curated and formatted in order to provide the most concise and accurate information that will keep your company well-informed, help your company adjust and adapt to the ever-changing environment of the logistics sector.

In addition, we host regular meetings and engage with stakeholders listed above and inform members of all the latest developments from such engagements.

Non-Cheque Deposit

Nagaff’s NCD Scheme eliminates shipping liner’s woes of unrecoverable container damages, detention and demurrage charges by acting as a guarantor on behalf of the freight forwarders and custom brokers, who are members of Nagaff’s NCD scheme.

Consequentially, Nagaff’s registered NCD members are not required to issue container deposit to shipping liners.

The Port Klang Authority (PKA) will chair a dispute resolution committee with the assistance of Nagaff, to resolve any dispute on detention, demurrage and damage charges.

To benefit from the NCD Scheme, logistics service providers are required to join Nagaff as an ordinary member of the association, have a minimum liability insurance. If these criteria are met, your company may qualify to participate in the NCD scheme.

Workforce Education Enhancement

Nagaff’s Education and Training team is spearheaded by a team of qualified trainers, who are also hands-on practitioners in the logistics industry.

Nagaff has recognised the need to enhance the professional capacity development of our members through Education & Training. This has been one of Nagaff’s core objectives to raise the level of professionalism of the logistics industry.

We are accredited by FIATA, the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Association to offer FIATA Diploma in Freight Forwarding that is endorsed and certified by FIATA.

Nagaff is also an Approved Training Centre by HRDF. Our trainers are also accredited by HRDF, Human Resource Development Fund. Under the SBL scheme, training is supported by 1:1 grant by HRDF.

Channel for Issue Resolution

We offer an avenue for members to raise supply chain issues they might have during the day-to-day logistics operation. We then curate those issues and channel it to the proper stakeholders in order to resolve said issues to the benefit of our members.

With so many stakeholders involved in freight forwarding and transportation, it is important to direct the issues to: –

  1. Channel it to the proper office and officers in charge
  2. Follow up on the issue to make sure it is resolved as soon as possible
  3. Collaborate with the stakeholders to make sure that those issues do not arise again.

Our team in Nagaff is readily available and accessible for our members to seek a quick response and resolution. As Nagaff is an organization steered by Management Committee members that are also in the service of providing logistics solutions, we develop close relationships with our members. Therefore, getting in touch with any of our committee members is also easy and accessible.

FMFF Affiliation

The Federation of Malaysian Freight Forwarders is endorsed and recognised by the Ministry of Transport as a national Association to represent the freight forwarders in Malaysia.

As a member of Nagaff, you are also recognised as a participating member of the FMFF association.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of having an affiliation with FMFF is that our members are able to use and apply the “Federation of Malaysia Freight Forwarders General Standard Trading Conditions”

The FMFF Standard Trading Conditions limits our members’ liabilities from any loss or damages, costs, fines and charges arising from fraudulent or inaccurate representation of the cargos transported.

The Standard Trading Conditions also outlines our duties and obligations as an appointed logistics service provider, as well as limits our liabilities of claims of damages, costs, fines and charges.

Networking Opportunities

Union is strength. Nagaff’s ordinary members are like-minded logistics service providers that cater to all sorts of manufacturing, trading, and retail supply chain needs.

Membership directories help members find each other in complementary areas of expertise. In the long run, members develop close relationship with each other, whether it is a business relationship or a personal relationship. Nagaff members will stand to benefit from being exposed to other like-minded members and acts as a conduit for sharing experience and expertise.